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My road to recovery after I fell and fractured my femur in six places was arduous to say the least. The pain I experienced after surgery was excruciating. My early expectations were that I was going to spend the rest of my life either in a wheelchair or with a walker — a very daunting and devastating possibility as I had been completely independent before the accident.

I am writing this letter to express my deepest gratitude for the treatment and care you’ve provided over the past few months. Dealing with prostate cancer has been a challenging journey, filled with uncertainty and fear. Yet, your knowledge, compassion, and relentless support have served as an anchor during these turbulent times.

The diagnosis itself was a harsh blow, and it brought with it additional complications, one of the more distressing ones being erectile dysfunction. This was a problem that I had never anticipated, and it was difficult for me to accept it as a part of my reality. Yet, you were patient, understanding, and guided me through it all, assuring me that there were viable solutions to this issue.

The decision to start viagra was not an easy one, as I had many reservations and concerns. But your thorough explanations of the medication, its efficacy, and the science behind it helped ease my fears. You took the time to discuss it in-depth, ensuring that all my questions were answered and my doubts were alleviated.

Your expertise in this area became evident as my condition started to improve. The relief and joy I felt were immense, a feeling that I find hard to express in words. It not only improved my physical well-being but also had a significant positive impact on my mental health and interpersonal relationships. It restored a certain normalcy and confidence that had been disrupted by the cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatments.

Your support and encouragement throughout this journey, your readiness to listen and answer, and your immense understanding of the physiological and emotional aspects of my condition are truly praiseworthy. In your care, I felt heard, understood, and valued as an individual rather than just another patient.

The journey is not yet over, and I know there will be more challenges along the way. But I face them with less fear and more hope, largely thanks to your unwavering support and the trust that you have inspired.

Both Carla and John had greater goals for me; at the time, I admit that I considered them unrealistic. However, through their professional knowledge and compassion, they kept me motivated during my recovery in therapy. They eventually got me out of the wheelchair and to a walker. By the time I was discharged from their care, I was able to walk with no assistance — something that seemed a dream after the accident. My expectations not only were exceeded, I felt that I had made two friends for life. Although I still use a cane at times, it’s simply for a sense of security. With the support of my wife, Alice, the expertise of Hilton Hilton Physical Therapy, and a lot of hard work, it paid off.

I highly recommend the team at Hilton Head Physical Therapy.

Robert MacKenzie


In 2005, I had successful bilateral total hip replacements by a noted orthopedic specialist in MUSC, Charleston. In October 2014, after falling heavily on brick and concrete steps, the prosthesis in my right femur was driven into my femur splitting it and requiring emergency surgery. An 8″ plate/rod was inserted and after leaving Hilton Head Hospital I was conveyed to an outpatient rehab facility on Hilton Head. During a 10 day period of therapy I was dismissed and returned home on a walker.

Carla Hey and John Pion were two incredible therapists who worked with me daily and not only hastened my recovery but established a post rehab exercise regimen that literally improved my gait and posture. I continued to be an outpatient beneficiary of their sessions for a couple months.

I have had therapists before but none with the professionalism, patient care, and positive remedially comportment of both these impressive well trained operatives.
Fortunately, they didn’t have to save my life but they assuredly have added to my quality of life.

Robert E. Wintz


I am so thankful for the physical therapy I received from Carla and John. I have had leg and balance problems for years including hip bursitis, knee osteoarthritis, and heel spurs. I have been in physical therapy in from my hometown several times but my pain and balance never improved. John knew exactly which exercises would help me and he made the sessions enjoyable. We talked about movies, sports, current events and he was always very encouraging. After my sessions were completed I am now able to walk comfortably, confidently, and I can take longer strides. They set me up with a restorative strengthening program after I was discharged and I continue to get stronger every day. I thank both of them for all of their help and effort.

Nina Yancey


Physical Therapy was prescribed by my physician two and a half years ago, following a fall which resulted in a broken neck. On the recommendation of a trusted friend, I made an appointment with John Pion. Following his thorough evaluation, I began treatments three times weekly. I have received Physical Therapy from several competent providers in past years, but I consider John and Carla to be the best. They are extremely conscientious and caring. In addition, they make their patients feel completely at ease and comfortable.

Theresa Delling